Our vision

The modern world is global and digital. Time contracts. Complexity and uncertainty are increasing. Large sections of the economy are reconfiguring themselves every day. Agility is a vital imperative.

Our mission

Our mission is to increase the collective intelligence of organizations. We provide them with unique technology that enhances their collective ability to observe, analyze, imagine, decide, act and learn.

Our values

Large-scale collective intelligence is first and foremost a story of individuals. Bringing a new contributor into a group of 29 people immediately adds 500 million talent combinations.

Solidarity – Humility – Audacity – High standards – Respect

Board of directors

Eric Bernheim

Independent Director

Claude Brunet

Independent Director

André Chichowlas

Independent Director

Serge Dautrif

President of the council

Thierry drilhon

Independent Director

Kristine kirchner

Independent Director