As is often the case in high tech, what is complicated is not seen.

20 Sep 2022 | Technology

In a matrix organization, the main challenge of management by objectives is not vertical alignment: it is horizontal consistency. Horizontal coherence helps to break down silos. It implies being able to connect and synchronize the objectives of teams belonging to different functions, countries, business lines, etc.

The vertical alignment is based on a tree-type model. Horizontal consistency requires a graph model.

The concept is easy to understand and the daily use is very simple. But if you lift the hood, and look at the constraints to manage access and update in real time hundreds of thousands of objectives, which are translated into 130 languages and linked by multiple dependencies, then you will understand that our platform is equipped with a competition engine.

This is one of the reasons why SYNAPSCORE has been ranked by Early Metrics in the top 5% of the 1,200 most innovative European technologies.