You want to build a better world.

We empower you to harness the power
of collective intelligence.


Collaborative programs to analyze and optimize your processes.

Capitalize on the experience and creativity of your teams, clients, and suppliers to optimize your organization’s performance.


All our programs are available with just one click on the PEPS platform.

A true high-tech powerhouse, the PEPS platform gives you the ability to involve thousands of people in both reflection and action.


A team of professionals to accompany you from A to Z

SynapsCore brings together a community of consultants and operational experts with solid theoretical and practical experience in processes.

For your next transformation project.

Your collaborators will accept change more easily

You will reduce the duration, cost, and risks of your transformation

The solutions proposed by your teams will be more pragmatic

You will have full control over the smooth progress of your project

Top 5% of technologies

Since 2018, SynapsCore has been ranked in the top 5% of the 1,200 most innovative European technology companies by EarlyMetrics, the rating agency for innovative startups and SMEs in Europe.

Are you a consultant looking to develop and market your own programs?

Customer Cases and Testimonials

Our SynapsCore solution – Performance optimization and organizational agility

We have developed a revolutionary technology to optimize business agility and performance.Our solution is used by thousands of people to choose, connect and manage...

Words are important

We don't manage by objectives: we pilot the objectives and manage the women and men. MBO (management by objectives) has a negative image because the terminology used...

The art of setting effective goals and key results

Today I'm talking about performance indicators ... Leading vs. Lagging (advanced / delayed) Outcome vs. Output (why / how) When you analyze the individual and...