A collaborative platform

Synapscore is a multi-objective management platform  that speeds up both the decision process and the execution of coherent action plans.

Our solution is unique, quick and easy to implement. Synapscore increases the collective intelligence, performance and agility of any organization.


Key challenges


Every day, your organization must make difficult decisions.

With our management platform:

  • Make better decisions
  • Keep your running actions in check
  • Improve the coherence of your action plan


Your employees' commitment dilutes aways as they lose 25% of their time in useless activities. 

With our collaborative platform:

  • Boost the motivation of your teams
  • Develop your collective efficiency
  • Create value


75% of transformation projects do not achieve their goals.

With the Synapscore platform:

  • Reduce massively the duration of your projects
  • Cut your operating costs
  • Limit the risks of your initiatives

Customers stories

'Synapscore does not only provide a collaborative platform, they accompany you. I managed to federate individuals coming from different horizons.'

Business and Technology Offshore Director

'To reconcile performance and well-being in the company is possible. We proved it with the Synapscore platform through which we mobilized 6,000 employees out of 10,000. This is significant.'


'That is very powerful. Appealing to the collective intelligence of the team allowed us to directly build a consensus on the solution we crafted. Thanks to Synapscore, we were able to build a new organization and a team membership in record time! '

CIGEO Project Director


A digital platform to quickly, massively and effectively mobilize your collective intelligence


Collaborative modules to stimulate, develop and channel your collective intelligence


Optional services to complement, challenge and moderate collective intelligence

Synapscore gives all businesses and decision-makers the power to accelerate progress
Lead time89%
The power of your collective intelligence 

Ask 100 questions to 10,000 people and you will have a million samples.
Complete by analyzing the forums and take on any challenge.
The value of your collective intelligence

User access to the month, rental of modules per week and purchase of micro-services by the hour, the economic model of Synapscore gives you control of your service delivery

Dynamics of your collective intelligence

Choose standard modules and start your challenge instantly.
Our analysis engines give you the results in real time. The rest depends only on you.

SYNAPSCORE awarded by EarlyMetrics

In 2017 Synapscore was the award-winning entrant in the top 5% of top rated startups by EarlyMetrics
1,200 startups already rated


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