The art of setting effective goals and key results

3 Dec 2022 | Methodology

Today I’m talking about performance indicators …

Leading vs. Lagging (advanced / delayed)
Outcome vs. Output (why / how)

When you analyze the individual and collective objectives of a company, you can get a fairly accurate picture of the management culture by measuring the ratio (%) of the number of OUTCOME objectives to the total number of objectives

If this ratio is low, the dominant culture is one of execution: actions are taken and deliverables are produced.

If this ratio is high, the dominant culture is one of added value: who I work for and what added value I bring to them.

This reasoning applies to all business lines, including support functions which, as business partners, are responsible for providing added value to their internal customers.

Example: if the CRM project manager’s goal is to deploy in 20 countries, he thinks OUTPUT (HOW) … but if his goal is to save salespeople time and help improve their performance, then he thinks OUTCOME (WHY).

Another way to find OUTCOME indicators is to ask yourself: when I have completed my work (done all my tasks and produced all my deliverables), how will I measure the value of my work to those who benefit from it?